Tlex Program

Transformational Leadership for Excellence

What is the TLEX program?

The TLEX Program focuses on self-mastery, personal well-being, “soft” leadership skills, and team’s unity. It is based on the principle that leaders must first be able to lead themselves, before they can effectively lead others. The program provides skills that improve energy, clarity of mind, team cohesion and a passionate commitment to personal and team excellence. Breathing techniques and meditation are key among the tools that are taught. The ultimate aim of the TLEX program is transformation of the corporate culture, based on fostering of human values.

Why Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) is the answer to today’s challenging and ever-changing business scenario.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
– Leo Tolstoy

Leaders who pull organizations in new directions need to look inward as well as outward.

Tolstoy’s dictum is a useful starting point for any executive engaged in organizational change. After years of collaborating in efforts to advance the practice of leadership and cultural transformation, TLEX has become convinced that organizational change is inseparable from individual change. Simply put, efforts to change often falter because individuals overlook the need to make fundamental changes in themselves.

Organizations don’t change, people do.

Many companies move quickly from setting their performance objectives to implementing a suite of change initiatives. Be it a new growth strategy or business-unit structure, the integration of a recent acquisitions or the roll-out of a new operational improvement effort, such organizations focus on altering systems and structures, and on creating new policies and processes.

McKinsey’s research and client experience suggests that half of all efforts to transform organizational performance fail either because senior managers don’t act as role models for change or because people in the organization defend the status quo. In other words, despite the stated changed goals, people on the ground tend to behave as they did before. Equally, the same McKinsey’s research indicates that if companies can identify and address pervasive mind-sets at the outset, they are four times more likely to succeed in organizational change efforts than are companies that overlook this stage.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them!” – Albert Einstein

Leaders make vital decisions and point the way to the future, so they need to consider their positions carefully and responsibly. But as Albert Einstein famously said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Great innovative strength and leadership skills are the key to producing solutions that really work in today’s environment. Decision-makers around the world must be ready to jettison outmoded ways of thinking and create space for new ways of doing things. They must be able to think globally and be willing to bring about fundamental change both within their own sphere of influence and beyond it.

My brain @ work

If it is proven to be so vital to be able to adapt to the transforming world, and therefore transform oneself and the people we work with, it is obviously key to understand one’s own mind better. Over the past fifteen years, TLEX has developed the most powerful tools and techniques which help people to access and understand their most important asset: their own mind!

TLEX research has shown that the key for creativity, adaptive leadership and resilience is the ability of one’s mind to be in the present moment- even under great stress – a state which cannot be achieved by pure willpower. Research shows that the human brain is not made to do two things at once. Therefore multitasking drastically reduces effectiveness. Highest performance and creativity however arises in a state of total focus and alertness.

Multitasking is something we’ve long been encouraged to practice, but it turns out multitasking is actually impossible. When we think we’re multitasking, we’re actually context switching. That is, we’re quickly switching back-and-forth between different tasks, rather than doing them at the same time.

Research shows your error rate goes up 50% and it takes you twice as long to do things. The problem with multitasking is we’re splitting our brain’s resources. We’re giving less attention to each task, and probably performing worse on all of them. When the brain tries to do two things at once, it divides and conquers, dedicating one half of our gray matter to each task.

However, today’s working environment requires multitasking skills which are a significant challenge for any human being and any human mind. The new ways of communicating such as E-mail, SMS, Social Media, Etc., have improved the speed of exchange of information and have strongly supported globalization and business innovation. At the same time people are confronted with a huge flood of information. It is easy for a person to get lost in processing all the information and lose the view of what really matters!

Therefore TLEX has developed key strategies which help leaders to develop mind-friendly structures and train the mind to achieve states of creativity, high performance and happiness. Powerful tools such as patented breathing techniques, meditation and awareness training help participants use their full potential, be creative and adapt to change more easily. These are the basis for successful transformation of teams and organizations.

The TLEX Programs equip employees with the energy and clarity of mind to achieve personal excellence, make better decisions, and work more effectively in teams.

TLEX – Transformational Leadership for Excellence

A global, value-driven initiative offering programs to corporations, governments, and non-profits. TLEX was created by the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). Since 1997, IAHV has offered corporate programs to 300 companies and 30,000 employees have benefited from it. In 2009, TLEX was shaped and adapted to the needs of today’s business environment in collaboration with the World Bank Institute. TLEX has been an important component of the World Bank institute’s (WBI) Leadership Development program which seeks to strengthen the capacity of emerging leaders from fragile and conflict affected regions. From the government, the private sector and the civil society, the TLEX Program mobilizes coalitions to tackle development challenges. In this function IAHV has developed the module on Self-Mastery and its faculty has been delivering programs to governments around the globe. Also, the TLEX program was very successfully piloted for WBI’s senior management team and subsequently for more than 200 WBI staff. Since then TLEX has become a well-known global player in the corporate training arena. Our clients include GE, Daimler, Shell, American Express, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola, Google, LG, Accenture, BCG, Harvard Business School and many more organizations.

TLEX Benefits

Personal Energy and Health

Creating and sustaining a high level of personal energy is the first step to performing at one’s maximum capacity. To have the highest impact we need to bring our highest mental and emotional power and a positive attitude to every task and every personal encounter. We also need the skill to replenish our energy level as necessary, and to understand and neutralize situations that cause the depletion of energy. Techniques in the TLEX Workshop are based on universal, time tested principles of mind-body integration and energy patterns. These include the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) breathing practice and other experiential processes. These techniques provide an immediate experience of mental and physical rejuvenation.

Establish the planning roles and guidelines

The TLEX Programs provide tools and experiential learning processes that raise emotional intelligence and establish a foundation for authentic connection. Employees learn to work more cohesively; maintain a positive attitude and open communication even in adverse situations; identify, listen and respond to the real issues; resolve conflict and keep their team focused on shared goals. Today employees want more than a desk and a paycheck. They want to connect their work to who they are as individuals. They want to be authentic, to be themselves in their professional roles, and to behave in a way that is consistent with their personal values. They want to make a difference in the world, and to work for an organization that encourages them to do so. The TLEX Program fosters a deeper connection to universal human values such as integrity, commitment, service, co-operation and responsibility.

Inspired Leadership

The TLEX Programs expand leadership capacity through tools that increase mental sharpness, deepen the understanding of responsibility and personal power, and expand the ability to lead the self and others. The experience enables leaders at all levels to meaningfully connect with and share a genuine sense of enthusiasm and optimism with their teammates. Achieved presence of mind is a vital personal and leadership skill that leads to greater creativity, focus and productivity, and improved client and team relationships.

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