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Meeting Facilitation

Transformational Facilitation

One of the things that set the Culture Leadership Group apart from other facilitators is our conscious and deliberate care for the whole person and the whole of the group. Many facilitators design and facilitate processes to create products that the group needs, or to reach decisions or event consensus. Few consciously plan and facilitate to care for the whole person – taking into account how each and every person needs to ‘Be Different’ at the end of the session – feeling heard, having a sense of accomplishment, committed to action, knowing that their idea or perspective is taken seriously that it is a part of a larger creation, appreciative of the past, of others, and of themselves having grounded hope for the future. The journey for us, is equally as important as the result.

We build this care into our design and our facilitation, thinking through what each individual needs, and what the whole group needs. This is what transformational facilitation is about.

Employee Engagement & Stakeholder Consultation

The Culture Leadership Group provides an engaging, collaborative approach to help you gather the perspectives of employees and stakeholders, exploring their needs so that as you move forward with key initiatives, you are making informed, collaborative decisions. Culture Leadership Group Facilitators are accredited with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) as Certified Professional Facilitators, and with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) to design and facilitate business meetings and stakeholder consultations of all sizes and scope, across an array of issues. The Culture Leadership Group approach is particularly effective in bringing together diverse ideas and finding the consensus in the group. We develop, execute and facilitate engaging consultation plans tailored to the specific needs of your organization, ensuring a well-managed process and meaningful outcome.

By engaging stakeholders effectively, we empower people to consciously decide what change is necessary, rather than have it happen to them. Cultural Leadership Group facilitated business meetings and stakeholder consultations can leverage significant change, generate commitment and build powerful momentum.

Retreats, Workshops & Conferences

The Culture Leadership Group assists clients in meeting the needs of their customers, employees and stakeholders by designing and facilitating productive collaborative workshops that ensures all voices and ideas are heard. We work with you to create the right environment for your meeting, retreat, workshop or conference that will enable the discussions for participants to share experiences, learn together, envision and plan. We facilitate discussions, and report back on the outcomes to ensure your organization attains the full value when bringing the groups together. These are significant differentiation that assures clients achieve their desired outcomes. We help design, plan, facilitate and often continue to be involved by providing analysis, report writing and ongoing consulting advisory services.

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