Building a High Performance Culture

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Does your organization need to trasform its workpalce culture?

What if you could learn a step by step process to build a high performing workpalce culture and shave months off of project implementation, increase employee engagement, and significantly boost your organization’s productivity?

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Cultural Capital is the next frontier of competitive advantage. Research shows that the highest performing organizations in the world invest in their organizational culture. Companies that are consciously creating a strong corporate culture in a consistent and systematic manner over a period several decades outperformed companies that did not. These companies gave 26% of their time and attention to culture, more than any other category.

According to a 2013 study by Economics Intelligence Unit, over 72% of business leaders state culture as a priority for continued success and growth. A multi-year Harvard Business study on corporate culture and performance found that high-performance cultures resulted in a whopping 682% revenue growth versus just 168% for low performing cultures.

The Challenge

Results from a recent study in Singapore with 200 companies revealed 9 out of 10 strategic initiatives failed beacause leaders didn’t focus on changing people’s behaviours and how tehy worked together. According to Gallaup Research, in North America the current level of employee engagement is between 26-30%, and in southeast Asia employee engagement is between 6-12%. With a one million dollar HR budget, that’s $700,000 spent on disengagement, a lot of investment with no payback.

Workplace culture is all about HOW people work together. Unless you understand how people work together, identify what is causing energy drain and loss of productivity, and explore the desired work environment, how can you expect different results? If einstein was at your workplace, he might say “Leading, managing and beaving in the same old ways while expecting your employees to embrace new work habits and higher levels of collaboration is cultural insanity.