Building a High Performance Culture

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Does your organization need to trasform its workpalce culture?

What if you could learn a step by step process to build a high performing workpalce culture and shave months off of project implementation, increase employee engagement, and significantly boost your organization’s productivity?

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Cultural Capital is the next frontier of competitive advantage. Research shows that the highest performing organizations in the world invest in their organizational culture. Companies that are consciously creating a strong corporate culture in a consistent and systematic manner over a period several decades outperformed companies that did not. These companies gave 26% of their time and attention to culture, more than any other category.

According to a 2013 study by Economics Intelligence Unit, over 72% of business leaders state culture as a priority for continued success and growth. A multi-year Harvard Business study on corporate culture and performance found that high-performance cultures resulted in a whopping 682% revenue growth versus just 168% for low performing cultures.

The Challenge

Results from a recent study in Singapore with 200 companies revealed 9 out of 10 strategic initiatives failed beacause leaders didn’t focus on changing people’s behaviours and how tehy worked together. According to Gallaup Research, in North America the current level of employee engagement is between 26-30%, and in southeast Asia employee engagement is between 6-12%. With a one million dollar HR budget, that’s $700,000 spent on disengagement, a lot of investment with no payback.

Workplace culture is all about HOW people work together. Unless you understand how people work together, identify what is causing energy drain and loss of productivity, and explore the desired work environment, how can you expect different results? If einstein was at your workplace, he might say “Leading, managing and beaving in the same old ways while expecting your employees to embrace new work habits and higher levels of collaboration is cultural insanity.

“Joanna Barclay has written an intelligent book on the culture of progressive management. She touches on important issues and proposes practical solutions. As a former senior manager in the Canadian public service and canadian Ambassador to Japan and China I can recommend this book to managers in North America, Asia and elsewhere who wish to engage and motivate their employees in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving global markets.”

Rob Wright, former Deputy Minister

Rob Wright, former Deputy Minister

to Japan and China

Learn the Secrets gained over three decades.

You, too, can benefit from three decades of experience and expertise. Key leadership wisdom is distilled into the workshop, based on the book Conscious Culture. It will teach you the secrets that have enabled leaders to produce high performing, values-driven organizations. This workshop is for leaders who want faster, better, and more successful ways to transform their workplace culture. In this program you will learn ABC’s of High Performance, a blueprint for cultrural change. Find out How to engage and the heart, to build a high performing workpalce.

Business Outcomes

Tranform employee engagement

Gallup research had identified employee engagement and retention is at an alltime low of 26-30% in North America and between 6-12% in southeast Asia. To reduce the high cost of low employee engagement and trunover leaders can benefit greatly by understanding the power of aligning personal values with organizational calture to build engaging, productive workpalce cultures that are harmonious, mission focused, and value driven;

Increase profitability

Values-driven oranizations are 1649% more profitable over a 15 year period compared with the S&P 500, by delivering superior finacial results and other forms of wealth and well-being for all their stakeholders.

Develop leaders

A deeper understanding of the challlenges faced by CEOs. Leadership development and alignment of values and behaviours, increasing self-awarness and self-mastery, enabling leaders to be more people-centerd, authentic and empathic, are necessary capabilities to increase employee engagement and productivity;

Map performance

Cultural transformation tools map the link between performance and culture providing tangible data, and the ability to measure the cost of limiting values which cause frustration, lost productivity, and lost opportunity. What you measure you can manage!

Key Highlights

  • understand the dynamics of mapping and measuring culture to support transformation efforts and collective action.
  • Engage in discussion on the current business reality impacting employee engagement, retention, creativity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and the need for new levels of thinking and consciousness to solve today’s challenges.
  • Learn about the evolution of cultural capital, the ne business paradigm of the 21st century, and the influemce of values and behaviours on high performance, engagement and retention.
  • Review case studies on creating cultural capital and high performing leadership teams.
  • Gain detailed understanding of cultural transformation tools and the link between performance and culture.
  • Explore the mechanisams of conscious leadership development to develop a culture of participation and inclusiveness
  • Apply the Personal Values Assessment toolkit.
  • Be equipped with a whole-system change approach for integrated transformation to build a high performing and values-driven culture.

Who should Attend:

  • CEOs and C-Suite Executives
  • HR and Middle Managers leading high performing teams

Learing Roadmap

The program is conducted over 2 days. Particioants are involved in lecture, discussion and group work. E-learning offers you the flexibility to attend from your home or office, with no need for long distance travel or extensive time away. The in-house program provides more time for group discussion.