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Being the Best FOR the World, Not Just IN The World

The culture of an organization, or any group of individuals that share a common identity, is a reflection of the values and beliefs of the leaders.

Who you are as a leader, the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold, is automatically transmitted to the group through your words, behaviors and actions. This is why organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. Developing value-based leadership supports harmonious teamwork and the creation of shared values needed for collective action to achieve business results. Becoming a facilitative leader is a new leadership style required to support cultural change. It helps shift the organization from “me” to “we” in thinking and action. It is a style that is focused on accessing the wisdom of the group, building consensus, and engaging participation. When leaders are more aware of their personal values, they become sensitive to the power in values.

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A very knowledgeable trainer that can relate the theory to actual organizational issues.

Joanna is clear in her delivery style. She’s practical, simple, and what she shares is easy to relate to my organization.

Joanna is very inspirational in her lectures.

I would recommend her as a facilitator for change management.

Engaging, experienced, intelligent, great communicator imparting knowledge and energizing group. Thank you!

Very inspiring, cheerful trainer.

Joanna Barclay delivered the seminar so well it really benefited me and my organization.

The trainer was energetic and always engaged in communication with the participants.

Very motivational!

Highly engaging speaker who connects with participants

Excellent intellectual property tools and materials used & given to participants such as,

her self-authored book on ‘Conscious Culture’. Tools such as, Strength Deployment Inventory and

Motivational Values System, used to advance concepts & understanding.

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