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Individual Value Assessments

Cultural Transformation Coaching

How aligned are you with the culture and values of your organization?

How well do you connect with your organization and the work you do?

Do you think the organization is on the right track?

All these questions and more are answered with an Individual Values Assessment (IVA).

Investing in an Individual Values Assessment (IVA) provides time for reflection to examine personal and organizational values at work.

A Certified Barrett Values Center Cultural Transformation Tools Coach, will guide you through your assessment results to help you find how aligned you are with your organization and if you think the organization is on the right track. The coaching session that accompanies an IVA identifies the alignment between personal and organizational values and how misalignment affects a person. It shows what is holding people back, and the steps to take in the right direction that will have a positive effect of increasing personal and organizational levels of engagement, performance and competitive advantage.

The IVA is particularly valuable in how it forces a leader to think how they do things and about personal values that are not put at the forefront, but are often taken for granted because people tend to be task oriented. People who do the IVA learn a lot about how to measure values and behaviors, making the intangible nature of culture more tangible. It provides a framework to look at the entire value system recognizing the organization’s strengths and areas of entropy or limiting values. It shows in a tangible way what a person is feeling about the organization, what is working for and against, what is energizing and what is demotivating, frustrating, and causing disengagement.

The benefits of having a personal IVA coaching session helps leaders to think about things that they could be doing to achieve a desired culture. The data does not lie. It gives leaders a benchmark of where they are now and where they want to be down the road. Now with measurement, what was as a struggle before is now much easier for leaders to manage.

A Certified Transformation Tools Consultant and Coach, will guide you through your assessment results to help you find how aligned you are with your organization and if you think the organization is on the right track.

“The Individual Values Assessment (IVA) I conducted with Joanna from the Barrett Values Center was like getting an MRI for our organization. It allowed a very specific and deep-dive into the root causes of performance gaps and opportunities. Most importantly, it led to very progressive and positive changes in performance.”

Robert Francis Seguin, Managing Partner, The Productive Leadership Institute

Chris Salans

“Joanna Barclay was hired to do Individual Value Assessments for each leader of the corporate team, PT Mozaic. She is an inspiration for my team and myself.. Beyond the counsellor and mentor lies a person who is truly caring, giving and professional, providing continuous support before and after the work she did in our company. She has given us incredible inspiration and tools to develop ourselves as people and as a team. We have been performing much better with less antipathy and greater teamwork.

I highly recommend Joanna and will ask her to come again and again to develop myself and our team’s performance”.

- Chris SalansOwner, PT Mozaic Bali
World Gourmet Summit, Chef Award of Excellence, 2017


  • The IVA deepens your understanding of what is important to you in your life and what changes are necessary for you to find personal fulfillment in your organization.
  • The IVA provides insights into how well aligned you are with the culture of your organization.

Key Attributes

  • Expert Evaluation – The IVA evaluates how aligned you are with your organization.
  • Fast Turnaround – An IVA data report can be delivered upon the completion of the online assessment.
  • Multiple Languages – The online survey and plots are available in multiple languages.

Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and Cultural Transformation Coaching is composed of two parts:

  • The IVA Assessment Report
  • 1 hour of Cultural Transformation Coaching to interpret results

Total Cost: $600 USD

Discover Your Team’s Inner Genius