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Culture Leadership Group

Hire an Inspiring Speaker

Looking for energy, passion and positivity to ignite your event? Joanna awakens the power within your organization to help you create a great place to work, consciously!

Develop Your Leadership

Did you know 70% of change leaders fail? Discover how to become a conscious leader and beat the odds!


The end goal for leaders is having a “WOW” culture, where people can be at their best and bring their full selves to work. In this kind of engaged environment, retention and burnout cease to be an issue because employees are energized and passionate about their work.

About Us

We provide corporate leadership consulting and development, helping leaders transform their teams, leadership and culture. The results – high performing, value-driven organizations that fuel employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

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Our Passion and Purpose: Leading in the new Age of Conscious Business


    Audiences love the energy and passion Joanna has, inspiring leaders to build happy, high performing workplaces.

  • Cultural Assessments

    Leaders find out what it will take to create a WOW workplace of choice, where people feel valued, and want to give 100%!

  • Creating Inspiring Visions

    A great vision makes a groups heart sore, and paints a believable picture of the future. The hopes and dreams that make up an inspiring vision are secret dreams just waiting to get into the open.
  • Team-Building

    The single biggest success factor with creating successful teams is building trust. We focus on building cohesive leadership teams with shared goals and high levels of trust.

  • Employee Engagement

    The Culture Leadership Group provides an engaging, collaborative approach to help you gather the perspectives of employees and stakeholders, exploring their needs so that as you move forward with key initiatives, you are making informed, collaborative decisions.

The Power of Personal Values . . Ignite Inspiration and Fuel high Performance

    • Personal values are a source of life force energy.
    • They energize us, make us feel happy, give us joy when they are lived and sorrow or frustration when they are not.
    • They are the embodiment of our heart and soul calling us to action, connecting us to the world around us, and helping us perform to our highest potential.

How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics and Leadership

Conscious Culture

“I have been reading your book today and it is superb.”

Pat Longshore, VP Global Educators Network, Duke Corporate Education

“Joanna Barclay has written an intelligent book on the culture of progressive management. I can recommend this book to managers in North America, Asia and elsewhere who wish to engage and motivate their employees in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving global markets.”

Rob Wright, former Canadian Deputy Minister of Trade, and Canadian Ambassador to China and Japan

“For leaders aspiring to develop a high performing workplace to sustain your business, Joanna Barclay’s ‘Conscious Culture’ is an excellent book.”

David Hsia, Managing Director, Ardentec

What others say about us

Annie Yap

“AYP Asia Group was delighted to have Joanna Barclay from The Culture Leadership Group present to business leaders in our CEO network. The feedback from the leaders was very encouraging and positive. With her wealth of experience in this area, organizations who engage her service will surely benefit from it.”

- Annie YapGroup Managing Director, AYP Asia Group, Singapore
CC Puan

“My personal compliments to Joanna. She managed to engage my entire team and shake off the notion that culture is soft stuff. In fact, she’s Ted Talk quality and her idea is worth spreading.”

- CC PuanCIO - Transport Canada
Rhonda St. Croix

“Both speaker and program are excellent. The content is so unique and integrative”

- Rhonda St. CroixManager, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
Richard Thivierge

“Thank you for your tremendous support, time and effort you devoted at helping me with this transformational initiative. Your level of energy and engagement are truly inspirational!”

- Richard ThiviergeDeputy CIO, Transport Canada


Discover Your Team’s Inner Genius