Engaging and Empowering Employees with Facilitative Leadership

Leading discussions where participants are engaged in focused conversations, sharing perspectives, learning from each other, is a very effective form of continuous learning and facilitative leadership. When people are treated as equals and given accountability in the decision making process, they feel empowered to take ownership and responsibility for the solutions. Continuous learning, accountability, engagement, empowerment, and teamwork are the successful elements needed for successful transformation and high performance.

– Remember the last time you sat around with your colleagues, discussing a problem, there was energy in the room, camaraderie, everyone was participating, and contributing to solving the issue?
– Do you recall the sense of connectedness you felt, and level of commitment it generated?
– Didn’t it feel good being asked to collaborate, share your knowledge and experience, and make decisions that would make a difference?
– How successful was the implementation because you had shared goals and a way to achieve them?

Instead of facilitating by “the seat of your pants” and instinct, I would like to invite you to learn Group Facilitation Methods that teach leaders how to design and lead the most effective focused conversations. Some of my clients have even called the processes “Group Coaching”.

The power in the Group Facilitation Methods is learning how to ask the right questions at the right time. How does the human mind think? What role do our emotions play in decision making to ensure ownership and responsibility? How do you combine both the intellect and emotions to get the best results from a focused conversation? These questions and more are answered on the course.

Below are a few comments from Richard Saucier, Director, Treasury Board Secretariat, who attended the course in June 2013:

“I really enjoyed the course. It provided useful methods to interact with people, especially the meetings I need to chair. The structure of the group facilitation methods makes sure all the important aspects of a topic are covered, especially the emotional.”

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein

To lead change and transformation leaders need to create new consciousness (awareness) and sense of connectedness to build real commitment. Knowing how to design conversations that develop new thinking, and internal cohesion leads to greater success.

Group Facilitation Methods learning objectives:
– Access the wisdom of the group
– Improve horizontal communications
– Engage and empower participation
– Develop new awareness and connectedness
– Build commitment
– Strengthen harmonious teamwork

The course comes with the book “The Art of Focused Conversation” – 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace.
Plus one hour of free coaching.

In-house courses are available upon request, with a maximum of 20 participants.
Contact Us for more information about how we can customize a program for you.

How would you like to become a leader that is known for empowering their people and achieving successful change?


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With 30 years in business transformation working with organizations, Joanna’s passion lies in working with leaders, facilitating active participation in organizational change, developing resourceful teams and aligning strategic objectives. Her goal is to help organizations become high performing and values-driven, where people take ownership, build commitment and bridge communication gaps. As CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, she ensures successful transformation from concept through to implementation.