Critical leadership team element – trust and internal cohesion

A critical element in building cohesion is having a culture of trust.
I’ve been working with several organizations lately who are in the process of transformation and trust is has been named as a big hurdle for senior leadership teams to address.

What does it take to build a culture of trust?

There are twelve basic conditions that must be met to build a climate of trust. Teams must master all these components to create a high performing team and a high performing organization.


Caring: To look out for the well-being of the organization and all its employees.
Transparency: To be clear about the motivations that lie behind all decision-making.
Openness: To be accepting and receptive to the ideas and opinions of all employees.


Honesty: To be truthful and frank in all interpersonal communications.
Fairness: To act without bias, discrimination or injustice towards all employees.
Authenticity: To be consistent and sincere in thought, word and action at all times


Skills: To accomplish professional tasks with ease, speed and proficiency.
Knowledge: To be very familiar and conversant in a specific topic or professional subject matter.
Experience: To accumulate practical knowledge through personal observation.


Reputation: To be held in favorable esteem by bosses, peers and subordinates.
Credibility: To consistently articulate ideas in a convincing and believable manner.
Performance: To discharge personal responsibilities with accomplishment and excellence.

Internal cohesion should begin with the leadership team. If the leadership team is out of alignment with each other, the whole
organization will be at odds with itself, and cultural entropy will be high.

We have found that the biggest single success factor in building a high performance organization is creating a cohesive leadership team. We have also found this to be the factor that organizations struggle with the most.

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