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Culture assessments

What You Measure You Can Manage!

Are you investing in your workplace culture or do you have an unconscious, default culture?

Traditionally, it has been difficult to measure workplace culture, because values and behaviors are difficult to measure. Now, with our cultural assessments, we make the intangible, tangible. Using the most comprehensive cultural diagnostics tools commercially available, we are able to link your performance to your workplace culture.

Find out what is causing employee disengagement and low productivity. It’s fast, easy and low cost. And, it provides a way to create a culture of participation in the process!

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Creating inspiring visions

A great vision makes a group’s heart sore, and paints a believable picture of the future. The hopes and dreams that make up an inspiring vision are secret dreams just waiting to get into the open.

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Employee Engagement and Meeting Facilitation

How do you build consensus and create a sense of empowerment where people feel their contributions have been heard? How do you create a sense of ownership, responsibility, and teamwork?

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Team building

We have found that the biggest single success factor in building a high performance organization is creating cohesive leadership teams. We have also found this to be the factor that organizations struggle with the most.

Find out the three qualities that stand out from all others associated with effective leadership teams.
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Joanna helped us align workplace & team values through self reflection and collective discussions.  Her practical tips on mindfulness and connecting the head and heart gave us a formula for workplace happiness.

– Diana Chen, VP

Mobile Marketing, Singtel, Singapore

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