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Consciousness is Tool and Object of Change

Most of us get up in the morning wanting to do good, be our best, make a difference in the world, and add value to life. This enlivens us and makes us feel good. When we feel good we have a positive mental attitude.

Can our values change and transform over time? Certainly. Our own consciousness or awareness is the tool and the object of change. When I am aware or conscious of something, change can happen. If I am not aware, things continue as they were.

What new thing have you discovered today? To become more conscious, it helps to have an inquisitive mind, being open to information, positive or negative, without personalizing or seeking to blame. These mindsets allow new thoughts, ideas, and possibilities to emerge.

Expanding our consciousness is a way to access creative, innovative ideas that have not been thought of before. Such ideas empower and enable personal and corporate transformation.
If you are looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of your team or organization, start by identifying the personal values that mean the most to people. A free individual personal values assessment is available be going to:

Once team members have completed the assessment, debrief the results together as a team. Find out what is important to people, what they are currently experiencing both positive and limiting, and what they would like to be experiencing instead to make work meaningful. Then carry out two to three actions to show that you heard and are actively listening.

And watch the impact on your team’s performance!

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With 30 years in business transformation working with organizations, Joanna’s passion lies in working with leaders, facilitating active participation in organizational change, developing resourceful teams and aligning strategic objectives. Her goal is to help organizations become high performing and values-driven, where people take ownership, build commitment and bridge communication gaps. As CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, she ensures successful transformation from concept through to implementation.